What's in my camera bag?

If you’re a nerdy photographer like me, you'll always want to see what equipment other professionals use on a day to day bases. Capturing great images isn’t dependant on having the newest, best or most expensive gear on the market, it’s how you use it. However, the most important thing to me is reliability and this often comes at a price. I have put this blog post together to share with you some of the essential pieces of kit I keep in my camera bag. The equipment usually stays the same unless a particular shoot requires something special.


I have used many camera bags over the years, but this one is my favourite. The main compartment has adjustable spacers to allow you to configure the bag to your desired needs. The front section has enough space to carry a 15 inch MacBook Pro and an iPad, as well as having plenty of room for accessories. The main feature I like about this bag is that it doesn’t look like the typical camera bags that litter the market. This one is stylish and sleek.


My main camera is the Canon 5D MKII. In the industry I work in this is seen as the standard and its not hard to see why. It’s a complete work horse of a camera and can handle anything you throw at it. The low light performance is incredible. I often work backstage at fashion shows and events so this is an essential feature for me. The added battery grip means I can shoot longer as well as making it easier to shoot in portrait mode. I absolutely love this camera, I’ve have had it for four years and it has never let me down. 

CANON 24-70mm f/2.8L

I would say that this lens is attached to my camera about 90% of the time, I can't fault it. The focal length is a great range for most situations and image quality is superb.

CANON 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II

This is a fantastic lens for portrait work wether it be in the studio or shooting in natural light. It has great auto focus and the 2.8 aperture allows you to get great bokeh throughout the whole focal range.

CANON 50MM f/1.4

I love this lens, there is something special about shooting primes and the look the provide. I have used the f/1.2L on numerous occasions and this lens holds up to it in image quality in my opinion.


The Youngnuo is a direct copy of the Canon 600EX-RT flash. It is just as powerful and reliable as well as saving you a few hundred pound. The 430EXII is a great little flash. Not as powerful as the 600EX and a the menu system is a little more awkward. However I have used this flash for many years and has never let me down. 


Custom Bracket Mini-Rc

Flash sync cable

Lots of AA batteries


This is one of the most desirable 35mm point and shoot camera around at the minute and its not hard to see why. It is built out of titanium and the 38mm T* Carl Zeiss lens provides extremely good image quality for a point and shoot. My film of choice is usually Kodak Portra 400.